University Website management

Management Achievements

1.     Completion of the first stage of releasing the university’s website in its new image.

2.     Develop a new control panel to each section in the university in an easy and simple way.

3.     Develop an organized drive for the contents and republish through the RSS technology so that the completion with the international sites will be achieved easily.

4.     Register the university website in many of the international search sites most importantly: Google, Yahoo and MSN.

5.     Develop an internal search engine to search for the files and researches which are published in the university site and to publish it on sites provided with (sitemap) technology.

6.     Prepare new servers for the university site that have a high process power.

7.     Provide (our students) service which enable all university sectors to send messages and announcements and news to the students.

8.     Provide (our jobs) service which enable the employing agencies to announce for jobs vacancies.

9.     Create a special site for each sector in the university (faculties- agencies- centers- deanships), each with a different design.

10.  Train all officials in sectors on how to publish on the university site.

11.  Develop software to show competitions and university offers on the internet.

12.  Develop software for decisions.


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Last Update 2/19/2011 12:55:02 PM