University Website management

Management Tasks


    ·        Management and development of the KAU portal and affiliate sites and development of systems related to the portal.

    ·        Help all section in the university to use the KAU portal and build their sites by using it

    ·        Apply the world Standards in other universities websites on the KAU portal

    ·        Follow-up and improve the appearance of the portal and all the University sites on the Internet and research sites.

    ·        Follow-up evaluation sites and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the portal and affiliate sites to bring them up.

    ·        Aesthetic design of the portal and all its affiliates.

    ·        Evaluate all sites of sections that operate under the scope of portal.

    ·         Participate in the development of systems that related to the KAU portal and evaluate systems that operate under   portal from where they conform to the portal standards

    ·        Work to unify the password entry in all different systems in the university.

    ·        Study the new web technologies and determining the potential benefit of it

    ·        Work on linking the various systems with the KAU portal and check whether they apply the world standards to appear  on the Internet.



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